My name is Becca, fumbling creator of Art of Gorefield. I am a graduate from Ontario Collage of Art and Design University in Toronto specializing in Illustration.

My first notable work of art was a tiny giraffe drawn on the occasion of visiting the zoo in kindergarten. My teacher insisted it was the best giraffe she had ever seen. That day I decided to become an artist. 

As my interest in the visual arts grew, I started taking influence from movies and games of the horror, fantasy and sci-fi genre; Alien, Hellraiser, Dungeons and Dragons are huge influences on my work. These genre's lead me to study works from artists like Brom and Michael Hussar to Caravaggio and Bernini.

Creating fantastical worlds is the most precious thing about visual art to me. I love to pull reactions and emotions out of people though my stories and art works. Being able to give someone an experience though my work is magic to me. 


Get in touch with me if you're interested in commissions or have questions about my work.

May 31 1999

May 31 1999